Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Company is composed of the following individuals:

Necisto U. Sytengco Chairman of the Board
Gerry D. Tan Executive Director
Esmeraldo A. Tepace Executive Director
Aylene Y. Sytengco Executive Director
Necisto Y. Sytengco II Executive Director
Ricardo Nicanor N. Jacinto Non-Executive Director
Lilian Linsangan Independent Director
Roberto F. Anonas, Jr. Independent Director
Ms. Yvonne C. Lih Independent Director

Management Team And Executives

The day to day operations of the Company are entrusted to the Officers and Senior Executive responsible for the different functions of the Company. The following are the Officers and Senior Executives of the Company.

Necisto U. Sytengco Chairman of the Board
Gerry D. Tan President & Chief Executive Officer
Esmeraldo Tepace Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Risk Officer
Aylene Y. Sytengco Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, & Compliance Officer
Necisto Y. Sytengco II Senior Vice President for Marketing Operations & Assistant Treasurer
Lali Y. Sytengco Vice President for Purchasing
Jose Fidel R. Acuna Corporate Information Officer
Christine P. Base Corporate Secretary
Jennifer B. Balao Assistant Vice President & Accounting Head
Sabrina Adamelle Poon-Sytengco Investor Relations Officer
Emerson P. Paulino Internal Auditor

You may find more information of our directors and officers in the link below

Download: Board of Directors and Officers Profile (size 167KB)